Reverse Hyper - weight used

  1. Reverse Hyper - weight used

    For anyone that does/has done reverse much weight do/did you use, what rep range do/did you use that weight in, and what is/was your 1 rep max in the squat?

    Reason I ask is because I've never done them, want to, and am thinking about trying the PDA Erector Set ES, which is essentially an attempt by that company to create a reverse hyper that you can attach to a power rack (to save space and cost.) Ironhorse Erector Set Details

    I currently squat 505, which I know isn't a big huge number, but I'd think I could squeak out 600 someday and, if I buy this Erector Set, want to be sure that it can handle the weights I'd need to use in the exercise.

    I know I *should* be buying a Westside reverse hyper machine...but that's never going to happen...I don't have the space for it.


  2. depends how strong you are man.
    we've used anywhere from 200 up to as much as the one we have can hold.560lbs

  3. interesting. looks like the one i built for my rack.
    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by kabuki View Post
    interesting. looks like the one i built for my rack.
    DON'T buy it. I made that mistake. Unless your power rack is bolted to the ground you'll feel like you're on a circus ride.

    Personally, I built one from pressure treated wood (supports), and 2x4's. The key is to brace the supports that hold the weight pendulum with 2x4's that run the weight shift into the ground. Mine holds over 600lbs + band tension and it doesn't sway like a treetop in the wind, which is what you're in for with the version you're looking to buy.

    I did however, have PDA custom make me a solid steel pendulum that holds the weight. And they did a hell of a job.

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