Anyone have the current issue of Powerlifting USA magazine?

I was told there is an article about Cycle Support. I have not seen it. I am pretty psyched because I am told it is an actual article not one of those pay for an ad and we will put you in the mag.

We have never advertised there.



EDIT I was forwarded this

Power Nutrition Q & A

By Anthony Ricciuto

Pharmaceutical Enhancement Protection

Q: Hey Anthony I just wanted to drop you a line in regards to how awesome your breakfast series was. You really opened my eyes up to so many new ideas that I never knew existed. You are right on the money when you talk about how the large majority of Powerlifters eat terribly. Actually many of the things that you say and scenarios you mentioned are actual things that I have seen with my own eyes. I like your, “Tell it like it Is” stance on things and respect your opinion greatly. Now I have a question that would be considered controversial but I know you are the guy to ask for an honest answer. I am a pharmaceutically enhanced lifter and have used steroids and other performance enhancing drugs for over 10 years. I have won the Nationals three times and placed second at the World Championships twice. I have used just about every steroid out there including every form of Testosterone, EQ, Deca, Winstrol, Dianabol, Trenbolone and the powerlifting star choice…A-Bombs. I know you are not one of those guys out there that look down on athletes that make the decision to use pharmaceuticals in their pursuit for a bigger total and this is why I came to you for some help. In the past I will admit I wasn’t the most health conscious individual on the planet but now that I am 37 and after reading your column for as long as I can remember I feel like its time for a change. I still plan on using anabolic steroids in my training program but would like some advice to help keep myself healthy long term. I know this is something that I should have seriously looked into a decade ago when I decided to take the plunge but I guess its better late than never. I was wondering if you could recommend some natural supplements or herbs which can help prevent side effects from the pharmaceutical plan that I will be running. I know I need to be responsible and that is why I am coming to your for advice on tips that can help keep my body protected during my cycle. Thanks again for all your help as I truly appreciate any time you can spare to answer my question.

Name withheld by Request

A: Well I appreciate your kind words about my breakfast series. I tried to do a thorough job to help educate the Powerlifter of where they are going wrong and what they need to change to help maximize the first meal of the day. Yes you are correct that I do have a “Tell it like it Is” mentality and that is why I tackle real problems that are faced by lifters and give them ways to change them. I could just quote study after study in my column or talk about the inner science of nutrition or physiology but in reality that is not what the majority of you are going to want to read. I want to give you real world info that you not only learn from but can apply in an easy and approachable format.

Now in regards to your statement about me not looking down on Powerlifters that decide to take the pharmaceutical route to capture that bigger total you are correct. I am not here to judge any lifter whether they are drug free or enhanced in regards to their lifestyle choices. I work with both schools of lifters as well as athletes of all sports and understand that it is the particular athlete in question’s choice to whether they want to use pharmaceuticals or not to enhance their performance. So yes I don’t look down upon anyone that decided to become enhanced nor do I criticize the drug free athlete in the choice that they have made. The one thing that I like so much about the sport of Powerlifting is the fact that we are realists. We are not like other sports that only offer a drug free division and then criticize when the athlete fails his drug test. This type of approach is only going to have lifters trying to beat the test. In Powerlifting if you want lift drug free you can and at the same time if you feel that you want your privacy kept in tact and want to take your performance to an upper echelon by using pharmaceuticals then you have that choice as well. So now that I have cleared up my stance on this topic let’s get to your question.

Now dealing with a pharmaceutically enhanced lifter from my standpoint is much different than working with a drug free athlete. The enhanced lifter will need to monitor his blood work more closely than his drug free counter part. Now don’t get me wrong here with the way most lifters do not take care of their health whether they are enhanced or not, most powerlifters should get blood work done either way to make sure that they are healthy. The first thing that I recommend to all Powerlifters that decide to use pharmaceuticals is to get a good Doctor that they can trust. This is essential that you have a medical professional that can do blood work with you every few months to see what your readings are on several different fronts. This should include a cardiovascular profile that outlines your LDL, HDL, Total Cholesterol and Homeocysteine levels. Your liver enzymes should also be monitored along with your kidney function as well. Your hormones also need to be monitored including your Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Estrogen, and Cortisol. There are other markers as well that should be monitored but that is an article in itself so I will just give you the basic bases that should be covered.

It is also important that you can go to a medical professional that you can truthfully discuss what you are doing with your enhancement program. Now, since I don’t know what part of the world you are from, but if you live in North America this can be much harder than you think. There is a major stigma attached to those who use performance enhancing drugs and many categorize them together with people who even use narcotics. Of course this is pure stupidity but it is a reality due to the media onslaught that is present in North America. Many doctors will just tell you to stop and in reality most have very little knowledge into the science of performance enhancing drugs. To cover up their lack of knowledge they will just criticize the user. It is not like this in other parts of the world where these drugs are legal and can be purchased from a pharmacy with a prescription the same way you pick up Penicillin. In Europe and Asia, Doctors are much more liberal in regards to performance enhancement so if you do live there your quest to find a Doctor will be much easier. No matter where you are in the world it is important that you can confide in a medical professional that you can trust and will monitor you without being overbearing to the choices you have made.

So you are looking for some natural supplements and herbs to help protect your health during your cycle. Well I will give you props here because the large majority that do take performance enhancing drugs are not as concerned as you. This is a good thing because an ounce of prevention is with more than a pound of cure. Now one of the problems that some lifters run into is the fact that there are many different side effects that you will be trying to protect yourself from all at the same time. This may call for taking several different products several times per day to get the desired effects. Not only can this be annoying for the individual but at the same time it may not be realistic. There are some people that can follow a regimented supplement plan and they never miss a beat even if they need to take 10 different natural supplements 3-4 times per day. But for others just getting them to take a once day multivitamin can seem like a chore. So what I am going to recommend here is no doubt the best single preventative formula that contains several different proven ingredients all in one formula. The answer is Cycle Support and it is made by a company called Anabolic Innovations.