help getting ready for a competition

  1. help getting ready for a competition

    I just found out there is going to be local competion here in 4 weeks. It is supposed to be like the combine for football. I was thinking of getting in it. My question is about the training. I use a WSB split. The events are bench 225 for reps, dl 315 for reps in 90 sec. and the 40. Since i've only got 4 weeks i was thinking of doing the 225 and the 315 after my "de" and my "me" days. Does this sound like a good ideal or would i be better off only repping out on my "me" days. I like the ideal of hitting them 2 times a week but did not know if this would be helpful. Thanks

  2. Hey Tech, whats up!

  3. Hey man glad to see you found the site. I havent been on here long but everyone seem pretty cool. Not like some other sites with real jack***'s

  4. id say 2x's a week should be fine just be sure your getting your rest. I followed a 3 day a week program with cleans, dl's, bench, squats, weighted dips. I did this for about 5 weeks and only felt a bit overtrained at the end of week 5. I was also working 50 hours a week though.

  5. i got a guy wanting to try out for a college football team.....let me know how you made out with that?

  6. The twice a week worked out. I ended up winning the meet with 36 reps on the bench and 36 reps on the d-lift. My forty time was 4.95 not too bad since i havent ran a 40 in about 4 years.


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