Kennelly benches 1036

  1. Kennelly benches 1036


    WORLD POWER STARS - Powerlifting in Russia

    This was in the Ukraine, I believe. All the vids from the meet are in post 239 at the bottom of the page.

  2. Was talking to one of his buddies and thought he was going to get 1015, guess he went bigger then that.

  3. freakin sick!!!haha

  4. Holy hell!

  5. how friggin humbling is that?

    great job of course, but I am in awe

  6. Wow that is ridiculous!

  7. That's why he's called the BenchMonster...

  8. Kennelly is a freak when it comes to benching. I read somewhere saying that he has a meet coming up in like 2-3 weeks where he will try to beat his 1036 record. He might go for 1050. Thats going to be sick if he gets that.


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