Jesse Marunde dead

  1. Jesse Marunde dead

    Supposedly due to massive coronary after doing high squats. 27 years old. Very sad day.

  2. RIP big guy

  3. Very sad. My sympathy goes out to those closest to him.
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  5. I don't believe it. I know someone who knows him.

  6. Can't access the page.

  7. yup, that really sucks!
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    Its up now Jay.

  9. Wow that is a shame.I feel for his family.

    I was hoping for big things from him in future strongman comps.

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  10. This was posted a little while ago on the Marunde Muscle Forum.
    Friends, we suffered a great loss in the strongman community last evening. The Sequim Crew was doing what they do. Training hard and particularly training Jesse for the WSM contest in Anaheim. He died quickly and painlessly.

    The squat set was as follows:
    230kg x 8
    190kg x 8
    150kg x 8
    110kg x 8
    70kg x 8
    Followed immediately by:
    600# tire flip
    265# stone load
    All of this was done with no rest between sets. Rack, pull, go
    At the completion of these sets Jesse laid on his back, on the cold floor like normal. Breck and Sarge noticed that his breathing was laborious. Jesse became incoherent and stopped breathing. We administered cpr, called 911 and continued to resusitate until paramedics arrived. They set up the defibrillator, epinephrin, to no avail. He was worked on for over an hour between Breck, Sarge and the paramedics.

    These are the facts as it happened. We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss. We appreciate your support and prayers.

    The Sequim Crew

  11. This just sucks.
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    i wonder if they'll do an autopsy to see exactly what happened... wonder if he had a pre-existing heart condition...

  13. I really don't know what to think. I'm assuming he didn't have any pre-existing conditions. Maybe the he overexerted himself to the point of his heart becoming out of rythm (palpitations), and then when it hit tac, his heart was literally too strong to slow down.

  14. It definitely sucks. He was an animal and part of that group of young competitive Americans that are on the rise in Strongman. I wish his family the best.

  15. Very sad. I enjoyed watching him compete. My prayers will be with his family and friends.

  16. Oh, man! Say it ain't so!! Seeing Jesse compete on ESPN in the WSM competitions was one major factor in me getting back into the gym a few years ago. This man was an animal. And at the same age as me, it's a real shame that it happened.

    My sincerest wishes go out to all he knew, loved, and touched in some special way.

    Thank Jesse, for all you've done for people like me.
    -RecoverBro Zombie Specialist and Paracord Wrangler
    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.

  17. RIP. I have much respect for the powerlifters. Hopefully he'll find some tires to flip up there.

  18. RIP very sad day

  19. Thats terrible, even worse that his friends were there and couldn't save him. I imagine it will be hard for them to have seen that. I'm glad he didnt suffer to much.

    He was to young to die!

  20. Best of wishes to those who knew and loved him. My prayers are with his family. You were a good man Jesse.
    You will be strongly missed.

  21. That is very sad.Great Athlete, and have heard great person. I hope where ever he is that he is resting in peace, and that his family is okay. RIP Jesse

  22. very, very sad indeed.
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  23. Wow thats way to young to die, RIP Jesse.

  24. Breaks my heart. RIP man


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