Need a new bench shirt and squat suit

  1. Need a new bench shirt and squat suit

    I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations. I was looking into the titan centurion and the EPHD blast. This will be my first bench shirt and second squat suit (Ive squatted close to 400 in a really dead zsuit). I am a medium-wide squatter and a chest bencher (strong off the chest, weak to lockout).

    My measurements are:
    Thigh circumference: 24" (these shrank because I havent squatted in over two weeks from injury)
    Quads above knee: 21"
    Straight Arm: 14"
    Arm with Bicep Flexed 15.5"
    Waist: 33"
    Chest: 43"
    Shoulders: 50"

    I will compete in either the 181 class or the 165 depending on my foot injury, my total is about 1100 right now.

  2. Just a suggestion-I would consider getting the Titan Superior Suit NXG+(victor) $60. over the Centurion. It is a very good suit, it should cost much more, much better than the zsuit. Material is not even close. Get it meet tight and get suit slippers. Not better than the Centurion but the reason I suggest it is because I have one for training and can't even hit parallel until it is well over 500.

    Not familar with the shirt you want. Remember to do additional top end work for your lock-out if this is where the trouble is; the shirt will not help top end unless you really explode off the chest and have the momentum.

    You have good numbers!

  3. Here is the Inzer shirt he was talking about****04_EHPHD_BL

    This was my first shirt and worked well to learn in. Nothing to radical and the material gives good support and explosion off the bottom. Plus it is not too "stiff" where you will have to really fight to get the bar to touch and work with weight that you cannot lift.

    But like Sonny said, the shirt will only help so far and then it is back on you.

  4. good choices!

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