workout basics

  1. workout basics

    im looking for a simple routine to give me power and dense muscle. does this workout give me a solid base???

    workout 3x/wk M-W-F
    mon.-clean 3X5, squats 3X5, leg press/sumo 3X5, db curl 3X5 hammer curl 3X5, stiff dead 3X5

    wed.-clean 3X5, inc/dec bench 3X5, seated press 3X5, seat calf raise 3X10, front squat 3x5, db curl 3X5, hammer curl 3X5

    fri.- clean 3X5, db pullover 3X5, dead 3X5, bb/db row 3X5, bench 3X5, weighted dips 3X10

    2yrs training
    17%bf(mostly in gut)
    max bench- 275, dead-355, squat 335

  2. anyone?? just want a base to start powerlifting.

  3. what methodolgy have you been reading up on?
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  4. ive read alot on westside, DC, 5X5, russian style. but as of late ive been doing very basic heavy lifts, and my muscles have responded better than all the other styles ive tried.

  5. your on the right track with the basic heavy exercises. i literally worked out for years with meager results until i started only doing basic stuff. i would work on getting that deadlift up past 450. probably a few more sets of 3 or 2 on the basics and 2-3 sets of 10-20 on the pullovers and other assistance stuff. also i would do cleans once a week only,doing a full clean and press from the ground on the first rep of each set. add in some high pulls or snatch grip pulls, one arm db presses(heavy singles) and you should get pretty strong. size amounts to nothing if there is no strength/power for it all.

  6. Get yourself a copy of "Practical Programming for Strength Training." ([ame="****11 83855371&sr=8-1"]Amazon link[/ame])

    I don't have enough experience to answer your question, but that book might

  7. Whats the point of all the cleans? Training for Football? Also a lot of DB and Hammer Curls. Whats your focus or are you going for overall Strength?

  8. im looking for overall strength. ive decided the best thing i can do is WSB. im starting a log monday lasting 12wks. after alot of reading i can for sure say ive been overtraining. thats why i kept getting real strong then losing it all. thanks guys

  9. Wsb Is The Way To Go!!!!


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