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    sup guys. i've been in a plateau and i was needing a new workout. i usually hit every muscle group twice a week. i work out 5 days a week. this has been pretty good for me in the past, but now i'm just stuck. anybody got any specific routines that could help me out? i'm trying to gain some more muscle. i'm about 5'9" and weigh 185.

  2. if you have been doing 5 days a week you might try 2 or 3 days a week for a couple of months at least. concentrate on the big lifts and eat more rest more you will grow. i didnt believe it at first i was doing 5-6 days a week and going to work and taking all the supps i could afford,then i read a few books on this subject and followed the routines and guess what? it works! do squats cleans bench dips chins deads rows and presses all heavy and only 2-3 days a week. every now and then you can go back to the bodybuilding stuff to tone super squats,complete keys to progress,brawn.i went from 165 to 220 in a few years and even if i lay off for a while i keep my size and most of my strength.hope i helped ya!

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