considering bench competitions -

considering bench competitions

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    considering bench competitions

    Real quick. I'm 19yrs old and roughly 170lbs. I have a 335 max (with pause). I'm simply looking to see where "above average" competitors have their 1 rep max around. I've been training for awhile now and work as a NCSF, NASM certified trainer but regardless i am very new to powerlifting competitions. I'd very much like to get involved but at the same time I'd like to know what i'm getting myself into lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by touchdownthirty View Post
    new to powerlifting competitions. I'd very much like to get involved but at the same time I'd like to know what i'm getting myself into lol.
    Well getting into Powerlifting.....hmmm that's a lengthy subject. What has happened in the past 10-15 yrs, is that most Powerlifting organizations or federations as they are called, have gone "drug free". Meaning that if you lift any kind of weight or set any records, you will be DRUG TESTED. USAPL, WABDL, NASA, RAW Powerlifting, AAU, SONLIGHT, etc, etc are all drug free meets. They test for damn dear everything....prohormones that are even legal will get you a failed drug test and banned. So if you're on any kind of cycle or prohormones, you'll have to find a federation that doesn't test.
    I think the APA, APF and some USPF are the only ones left who run "untested" meets. Next you will have to decide if you want to do "raw" contests or "equipped" meets (bench press shirts).
    I'm 53, 250 lbs and compete in the WABDL Home .
    It's a blast, the meets are usually once or twice a year in my area. We use single ply bench shirts. With a good tight shirt and a little training, you can easily add 100 lbs to your current bench. At your age and weight, I'd imagine 435lbs would get you at least a state record. I would highly recommend that you go for it. WABDL is great for "bench only" contests. Check out the records on the WABDL on STATES menu.
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    The American Powerlifting Federation (APF) has an untested category...

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    I suggest go watch a pl meet and this will help to know what to expect.

    The main federation that I compete in is NASA. NASA is a drug tested federation that offers single ply, raw and unequipped competition.



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