Where to buy Box squat?

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    nice. maybe oneday in the ftuture when i have more money. for now its something else like carts, cardio steppers, or making one.
    When i am not at home, i stack plates. Efficient and effective.
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    okay I read some Louie Simmon stuffs saying to sit back and I saw Jason Pegg say to sit down. i guess you can do both. ive done the sitting back thing on a 16 inch with light weight and didnt quite get the groove.

    Its almost like falling back right. letting your body almost fall backwards while controlling it.....

    Jason Pegg describes it as just sitting down.

    If a 26 in box is needed might have to get one made. I want the box squat the most effective way. whether its falling back and coming back up almost squeezing the hams and glutes..which i tried or just like a regular squat. so something tells me its whatever way you get best results. Falling back for me was harder because I never did it before. yes it was harder on 16 inches as well.
    I say sit back, but then again I train Westside style. The big reason for sitting back is to allow your shins to break perpendicular with the floor, this can not be accomplished witout the box because you will fall over backwards. Once youu have made contact with the box quickly release and bring yourself up off the box with glutes and hip flexors,,IF YOUR QUADS FLEX FIRST YOUR DOING IT WRONG,, There are some good videos out there that demostrate the technique. It takes a little time to get the groove, but once you get it your weight will go up accordingly..Good Luck Man Check out these videos ,,they will help ya

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue_GrU4mhqc"]YouTube - westside box squat 1[/ame]
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t156u5VuBTw"]YouTube - westside box squat 2[/ame]



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