Bill Starr 5x5 too much for knees?

  1. Bill Starr 5x5 too much for knees?

    I have been using the Bill Starr Intermediate 5x5 program for about 4 months now and have made good progress with it, but my right knee has become inflammed around the kneecap and on the outside (by the LCL?). Do you think that squatting 3x per week is too much on the ligaments in the knee? I break parrallel by about 1 inch with a wide stance and toes out. My knees do not travel past my toes or anything obviously bad like that. It sucks too because my squat was improving a lot.

    Can any of you lifters recommend another program like it? I love it's simplicity and lack of isolation movements.

    Thank you for your input.

  2. I've done the advanced one and liked it, but for me squatting 3 times per week was too much. I dropped the Wed. sqats last time I did and this improved the situation.

  3. Jas123. thanks for the advice. Yeah, I've been thinking about taking one of the squat days out, after I let my knee rest a while. The Wed. workout is deadlift day so I think that is the best session to eliminate squats. Thanks for the advice.

    Any advice from you lifters as to how long I should let an inflammed knee rest before resuming easy squats? I am icing 3x per day and taking Naproxen. 2x per week I get ultrasound on it also. It still hurts and there is a definate loss of strength on that side. It's been 4 days since it really started hurting. FRUSTRATED!!!

    Thanks boys

  4. Quote Originally Posted by lk9932 View Post
    my right knee has become inflammed around the kneecap and on the outside (by the LCL?).
    This actually sounds similar to my knee problem that developed on the 5x5 program. It seemed to in part stem from strength discrepancies between the stabilizer muscles in my left and right knee. I saw a physical therapist and did some exercises to bring my right knee up to speed with my left one. The pain seemed to be caused by the knee cap shifting too much during movement. Look up femoral patellar pain syndrome if this sounds familiar.

  5. The strange thing is that my right arm and leg are weaker than my left, and I am right handed. It's been like that for longer than I can remember. Sounds like nerve impingement or something right? My quads are 1" smaller on the right, and my arm is 1/2 inch smaller. I guess the weakest link is 1st to go. I go to a chiro and get bodywork/deep tissue massage occasionally. Think a PT would help? Like you said I definately have imbalances...



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