Workout routine

  1. Workout routine

    hey everyone, i was just wondering what your workout routines are and if youve seen any gains in strength or size and how long it took you. my routine right now looks something like this...

    Day 1- (arms/shoulders) preacher curls, skull crushers, alternating curls, tricep pulldowns, power cleans and arnold press.

    Day 2- (legs) Squat, weighted calf raises, hamstring curls, and leg extensions.

    Day 3 (chest/back) incline/flat/decline DB press, flies, seated row, and 1 arm rows.

    first set is a heavy weight that i know i can only pull off 6-8 reps, seconds set i take weight off and go till failure, third set take more weight off and go till failure.

  2. what are you trying to do?get big? strong?are you competiting?
    ive been competiting since i was 15 years old.about 7 years now!year by year strength goes up!it takes time!

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