seattle powerlifting gyms/clubs?

  1. seattle powerlifting gyms/clubs?

    Just moved back to seattle and wondered if anybody knew of a gym here that is powerlifter friendly. Thanks

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ryan6f7 View Post
    Just moved back to seattle and wondered if anybody knew of a gym here that is powerlifter friendly. Thanks
    I did a search on powerlifting watch and came up with this:

    Gym Name: Bull Stewart Fitness Center
    Owner/Manager: Bull Stewart
    Address: 5023 Rainier Ave South
    City: Seattle
    State/Province/Country: WA
    Phone Number: 206-725-7894

  3. Thanks, i actually went and trained at Bull's gym yestarday and its sweet. They are a real powerlifting gym with a team and all that good stuff. lots of weight and chalk in there. They are actually moving in a few months and the new location will have a whole seperate room that will be strictly powerlifting were you can yell and spit and cuss and all that fun stuff. Thanks again, i think this new gym will be great for me actually getting to train around powerlifters. Seattle gyms are mostly yuppie fern bars so this is a great find.

  4. Another great powerlifting gym on the eastside is the Eastside Gym on willows road between kirkland and redmond. I've been going there about a year it's great. Very laid back anyone can go in but owned and run by a powerlifter. The cheapest gym I've ever found too. $200 for a year and the owner gives you a key so you can come and go as you please. Just last weekend they had a local powerlifting competition there actually.

  5. ^^^ D hey i live right in bellevue i know a kid named andy pollard he goes there too, i myself have been thinkin about going there u still w.o. there?

  6. The name sounds familiar, but I can't recall so I really don't think so.

    Nah had to move further south. I'm now in Issaquah, not too far, but further that I would like to travel for a gym. I might be getting another job in Redmond though so I have been thinking quite a bit about going back there.

    Eastside gym was purchased by someone else maybe a year and a half or two years ago so I don't know how much it's changed but I hear it is as great as ever. Another powerlifter (actually had some bench records if I remember correctly) so it should be as friendly as ever.

    I am actually on my way to Gold's in Issaquah, $200 for three months!!! At the discounted student rate. What a rip to have tons of people standing in front of the mirror taking up benches staring at themselves.... oh well.

  7. i go to ballys right of i90 eastgate very nice! and its off the hwy think about it LMAO ........ lol i was also thinkin of maybe going down to eastside gym

  8. Go onto tampa-barbell and go to the forums. It is owned by Tommy Fannon, i beleive he moved to florida a few years ago from the seattle area. Don't say too much and don't take any of the trolls seriously, i am sure they will comment on something, lol.


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