I am starting to train in powerlifting and wanted to see if anyone else in New York City competes. I have along ways to go before serious competition begins but if anyone in NYC competes or seriously powerlifts, can they share any information regarding what meets they go to, what federaltion they belong to, routines, lifting form, and what gyms they train at and are there any teams as such in NYC.

Does anyone know of a gym that competative power lifters have migrated to? It also seems that very few of the gyms use power racks, and nobody has the reverse hyper extension roller West Side is starting to market (I used it there, and it is great for the back-cannot understand why gyms do not get a few of them).

I went to West Side Barbell in Ohio and talked to them, but they did not know of anyone from NYC that competes.

I just wanted to tryto get into the sport, and it may be easier to train with talk to others also in the sport...