1st time dead lifting

  1. 1st time dead lifting

    So I was doing legs last night and said you know I think Ill start dead lifting on mon and squats on thru/ or friday.(instead of squats 2x a week) Here is what I was able to do today.
    1st- 145# 10 reps
    2nd- 185# 10reps
    3rd- 225# 10reps
    4th- 275# 5reps

    I went ahead and stopped at the 4th set, I could have got 10 reps outta that but b/c it was my first time doing them I didnt want to mess anything up. My back was pumped after the lifts for a good hour. Still a little sore today but not too bad, hopefully it wont effect chest day any but I figure by the time I get to the gym and do 20 mins cardio I should be feeling pretty good.

    I had my legs shoulder width apart and my hands both holding the bar on the same side, should I switch them or is that a different lift? Thanks for any input guys.

  2. Stand on a bench and jump off. Look where your feet are after you land. That is where you want your feet to be for a conventional deadlift. That is the best way I have found when helping others with deadlifts to get the right foot position. Typically it is shoulder width with toes pointed slightly out. My stance is a little narrower than shoulder width but not by much. As for the grip, I use a reverse grip (one overhand and one underhand). When you start going heavy, I think you need to use the reverse grip to keep the bar from rolling out of your hands. And for heavy lifts, you should grip the bar just outside your legs. My arms are actually rubbing my legs on heavy sets. If you grip too wide you are just increasing the range of motion for the lift. Some people may disagree with some or all of what I said but that is how I do itů..and I am a deadlift-aholic.

  3. Hey thanks for the info I will have to try that out! I did chest today and my back was still a little sore after the 20 mins cardio but by the mid point of lifting weights it was fine! I will be doing them again on monday!

  4. I just realized that I was doing the Romanian Deadlift! I only got to do legs 1 time last week. I think Im going to do squats/ reg. Deadlifts on the same day and then do Romanian/Leg press's on the other day. Any suggestions?

  5. for convetional i would grab rite where the knarling on the bar starts and do an over under grip and put my legs RITE next to my hands!that seems to work the best for a couple guys that pull that way on my team

  6. I'd recommend a belt once you start getting high up in the weight. Anything above 385lbs I'd start wearing a belt, especially if you're hitting reps. It's easy to let form deteriorate when you start seriously fatiguing.

    Deads are great, glad you picked them up.
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    I get lower back pumps when doing deadlifts. After each set I go lay down on a mat for about 30-60 seconds, then I do some crunches, then that yoga move where your in a push up position and arch your back and look up. Then its about time for my next set. I do this even when I don't have lower back pumps it seems to help me out a lot.


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