Schiek Leather Lifting Belt

  1. Schiek Leather Lifting Belt

    Have any of you used a Schiek Leather lifting belt? I have heard the fabric ones are weak but were considering giving the leather version a try. I am looking at the model L2004. I currently have a 13mm thick power belt but it is about he most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn and seems to be overkill. The Schiek belt is wide in the back and the front (for abdominal pressure) but cut down some on the sides. Although I am sure it is comfortable, I want to see if any of you have used it and can tell me if it is supportive enough for heavy lifting. Thanks

    My info:
    I only use a belt on low rep deadlifts and squats.
    Age 38, height 5’11, weight 195, bf 10-11%
    1RM: Squat=425 DL=530

  2. I have never used one but I wouldn't move away from a power belt if you are squatting close to 500. None of my PL gear is comfortable and I don't think it should be. I have heard a lot of good things about lever belts but I have never used one.

  3. I could not find the answers I was looking for regarding the Schiek belt so I figured I would just buy one and give it a try. While it is a little better than a regular tapered bodybuilding belt, I can’t see it ever replacing my powerbelt. It is very comfortable; no doubt about that, and it does offer some decent support for both your back and for abdominal pressure. However, it is just not heavy or stiff enough to be supportive on heavy lifts. Since I only wear a belt on heavy lifts, it is going to be of little value for me and probably to any of you that squat or deadlift heavy weight. I was also very confused as to why the buckle was placed on the right side. Most of us are right handed and we put the buckle on the left side, so we can pull the strap tight with our right hand. While this is not a problem with most belts because they can be worn either way, this type of countour belt does have a top and bottom that forces you to wear the buckle on the right side…which seems very strange to me.

    So to summarize:
    Comfort: A+
    Support: B
    Quality: B

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