Drug testing

  1. Drug testing

    I was wondering if pro-hormones(oxodrol-12/methandrol-50) are tested for power lifting...if so does anyone know how long they take to get out of your system or if there is any way of being on something like Test-E and still passing a drug test.

  2. As far as I know any prohormone or steroid will make one fail a drug test. They test for test:epitest ratio and any exogenous hormone will decrease the ratio.

    Different steroids with different esters will have different clearance times due to varying half-lives. I'm not certain of exact numbers but if you dig around you'll find them and be able to time cycles so as to avoid testing positive.

    I'm an honest person though so I wave my index finger at you right now. If you're gonna juice go compete in untested events and leave he tested ones for the natural guys. It really irks me when juicers enter natural contests.

  3. would Sustanon 250 show up in a random-drug test durring a 6week cycle?

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