First local strongman competition.

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    First local strongman competition.

    My gym is having a local strongman comp like they've done in the past. I've always wanted to enter to see how I do, so I decided this is the year pending I stay injury free. There are 4 events, the bent lift, barrel lift, rolling thunder, and cheat curl.

    I was just checking to see if anyone has done any of these events and can give me input on things that might help me out that I might be able to work into my regular routine. I was planning on doing these events once a week up until the event along with my regular scheduled workouts, which would bump me to working out 6 days per week, and then taking off completely 2 weeks before the competition so that I am well rested. Like I said, I'm just doing this for fun, I'll be in the 220lb-Unlimited category, and I know there is a 317lber in there so no one has a chance of winning, as he wins everything. I am in no way a powerlifter or strongman, and most of the guys in the comp. arent either, its just pretty much for fun, but then again, I dont want to come in last place either

    I'll find out more info tomorrow as far as weights, etc.. when I talk to the guy putting it on.

  2. That sounds like it could be a lot of fun man. I bet once you compete you will be hooked!

    Please keep up posted / updated with details!

  3. What is your height and weight? I hope you do well.

  4. Hmmm, what would help .... oh yeah! Drol/test/tren!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander
    What is your height and weight? I hope you do well.
    6'7" currently 232lbs... hoping to be 240lbs by the competition.

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    so i talked to the guy putting it on, and it is ADFPL organized and is $10 per event, plus $25 membership. This worries me a bit because I am on HRT year round and since it is a drug free thing, I wonder if that will make a difference just being on HRT...

    The Rolling Thunder is 135lbs for time, so far the best time is 1m 35s, the barrel lift is a keg with water in it at 150lbs, must lift it any way you can over your head and lock out your arms, the cheat curl is 125lbs, and the current record is 55 reps, for the bent press, he said he still has to figure out what weight to use, although I am expecting at least 100lbs.

  7. 125 x 55 reps curl? Wow

  8. What exactly is the criteria for this cheat curl? Are you allowed to do a sort of power clean/curl? 55 reps with 125 isn't so hard to believe if you are allowed to do anything you want to get the bar up there.

  9. get yourself a keg or fill bags of sand and put them into a big duffel bag.train for power. dont get to into your bb and eat only raw cougar meat right off the bone

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    Hmmm, what would help .... oh yeah! Drol/test/tren!
    Ya what he said, lol

    man seems like osme of them guys that do these are living on Drol. Big mofos

    Either way man good luck and keep us posted


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