Your thoughts on two routines...

  1. Your thoughts on two routines...

    Alright fellas, Im stuck between two basic routines and I was wondering what yalls thoughts were. My goal is 'powerbuilding', really trying to increase mass, width and strength of shoulders as well as increase squat and deadlift numbers while leaning up (nutrition and energy system work taken care of). If it matters, I am 19, 6'0" 175lbs ~12%bf, PR's are 315lbs squat, 245x3 bench, 405lbs dead, all raw. You will notice no back work as I do a s*** ton of pullups all day, everyday.

    Option 1:

    Day One (Mon) - Squat/Deadlift One
    1. Back Squat
    2. Deadlift
    3. GHR

    Day Two (Wed) Ė Overhead One
    1. Standing BNP
    2. Bench Press
    3. Dumbbell Military
    4. Dips

    Day Three (Fri)- Squat/DL Two
    1. Front squat
    2. RDLís/SGDL
    3. GHR

    Day Four (Sat) - Overhead Two
    1. Standing Military press
    2. Dumbbell Military Press
    3. Close Grip Floor Press
    4. Dips

    Option 2:

    1. Back Squat
    2. Deadlift
    3. Military press variation
    4. Dips

    Train the s*** out of these 3x a week

    thoughts, suggestions?


    Use this program, with a good diet I was able to pack on a lot of mass all natural.

  3. Actually bro I've seen that before and just happened to be looking at that this morning. Good stuff, love keeping things simple. Think thats what I'm going to do except with triples for squats and deads instead of fives (legs already a strong point, so just looking for more strength, little growth), and higher reps for upper stuff. So it'll look something like this:

    1. Back Squat - alternate 5x3 (same weight) with 3rm attempt
    2. Deadlift - alternate 3x3 with working up to 3rm
    3. Military variation - work up to 10rm (4 more sets using same weight, stopping just shy of failure) alternate w/ DC type rest pause
    4. Weighted Dips - same as mil.

    All workouts will include light Overhead squats at begin, will finish w/ GHR's. Will also try to get in some benching each week as well.


  4. I would just stick to the program 5x5.... even if your legs are a strong point they cant be that big at 175 when you are 6", I was in the same boat as you when I started this program at 6"180. After 5 weeks I had to buy all new underwear bc my legs had gotten so big. When it was all said and done I had gained 10lbs of solid mass and I did the program exactly how it was written.

    The program is meant for your entire body so even though it seems as if it is leaving body parts out do not worry you will grow evenly. I had done bodybuilding workouts prior to this program (curls, leg extesions, pec fly) and I never saw results even close. In fact my arms got bigger from this program than from when I used to dedicate an entire day to just my arms.

    Just give it a month and if you don't get bigger at least you know your getting stronger.

  5. In power lifting, especially when you just start out, remember to keep it simple!


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