The Night before the meet

  1. The Night before the meet

    Do you have any trouble getting to sleep?

    I have done two meets in the last year and the night before I can not get to sleep regardless of how long I have been up. This last meet I did I was so wired (naturally...I did not take any stimulants for 72 hours prior to the meet) every time I close my eyes my mind would race through 1000s of images.

    Anybody have any tips for chilling out. Normally I don't have any problems. It just seems like in the last 24 hours or so I get so wound up I just cannot relax.

  2. Hot bath, sex (not necessarily in that order), meditation and of course what ever sleep aids you may use.

    But I'm even that way when getting ready for a long trip (vacation etc).

    Sometimes I intentionally stay up later than usual to try to build up a little sleepinesss then crash for at least a few solid hrs vs half awake all night.

  3. Normally i tend to wear myself out the day before the meet because i have to make weight in the morning and then spend the whole day binge eating so that i can weigh as much as possible on the platform. As a result i pass out easily the night before and take some melotonin just to be on the safe side. Try not to even think about the meet the day before. You can do all of your visualization the week leading up to it. Find things to distract you, go watch a movie or goof around. Save the energy for the meet.

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