Mike Wolfe's December 2nd Charity bench meet!

  1. Mike Wolfe's December 2nd Charity bench meet!

    Copied and pasted from Mike Wolfe's post on another site:

    Hey just wanted to remind everyone about the Charity meet on Dec 2nd in Celina Ohio at Breakaway Rec Plex.

    Get your entries in ASAP!!! I have just got a whole bunch of goodies from At Large Nutrition, Inzer, & House of Pain to be given away as prizes and as door prizes!!! Plus possibly a few other things in the works!

    Got a few entries in so far but I need more, this event is gonna be for a good cause so if nothing else just come hangout!!! But I'd love to see as many people as possible lifting!!!

    send inquiries to: [email protected]

    I will be guest lifting there and promise if you come you will get to see at raw 650 bench!

  2. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to do a performance based donations toward this cause (ex. if I bench 650, donate $10; if I bench 675, donate $15; if I hit 700, donate $20)? If anyone is interested I will post up the address where the money can be sent.

    I will post vids up right away so those who decide to donate can see how I performed.


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