Fund Raiser in Kansas with Nick Winters as Guest Lifter!

  1. Arrow Fund Raiser in Kansas with Nick Winters as Guest Lifter!

    We are putting on a Fund Raiser in Great Bend Kansas for a Brutal Strength Crew Member who passed away recently.Nick Winters Has donated his time to come down and be a Guest Lifter!Nick will break the WR in Raw Benching soon!Also I want to thank NutraPlanet for their support also!
    They have outstanding products and provide outstanding Service also!Anyone interested in entering &/or coming to the event here is some info:
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  2. Hell yeah, not only is my boy, Nick Winters, the strongest man I know, he's also the coolest cat around and I will be with him in Vegas to watch him break that record, first hand!

  3. Might have to make it over to GB for that....bout an hour from where I live.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by rampage jackson
    Might have to make it over to GB for that....bout an hour from where I live.
    I hope u make it and heck go ahead and lift in it!Its for a good cause and its going to be alot of fun!

  5. good luck nick is a beast from what ive seen a wr would be awesome for all the parties involved.

  6. How did it go guys?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by rampage jackson
    How did it go guys?
    My Wife did a great job putting this contest together.She was stressed out days before the contest.EVeryone helped out and it went great.Nick Winters showed up and said it was alot of fun.He came down for free and we took care of his expenses.What a great guy who has incredible strength!!Contest started off a little slow cause the computer crashed when they were trying to get the flights ready.There was 23 entries.Alot of people came through and helped out alot!I wont mention all the sponsors or everyone who helped but would say thankyou to all of them!We had NASA & USAPL lifters show up and also new ones who never lifted in a meet before and all of them were saying it was alot of fun and they had the best time ever at a PL meet.I got to go against one of the top SHW Power Lifters in Kansas and He helped push me and i ended up beating him in every entry.The RAW bench,shirted bench,the deadlift and the rep out.He was a great sport though and i got along with him really well.I ended up getting first in everything and also was very surprised to win the overall contest.The BS crew did great and got alot of first place trophies too.Nick was too cool!He hit 615lbs RAW without a problem.But his back started hurting some & i told him he might as well stop there and take it easy.This is just a fundraiser.He stopped there and then did 255lbs for (i think) 31 reps.But remember he is still recovering from a torn peck and a back injury so he stopped at 31.But he had a great time and it was great going out to eat with him and having him over to watch the football game.I hope he gets the World Record soon.I know he will eventually.Hes very young and has unreal strength.All in all it went really well.We figured up everything (including money that was given straight to the family)and we raised $2300.00 for them.Thanks Everybody!!
    Thankyou very much NICK WINTERS,NutraPlanet & USPLabs!
    P.S.i Started off with 485lbs Raw and had alot more in me but stopped there so i could go in a sinlge ply also.Then went to shirt and got 575lbs easy and almost had a new pr of 625lbs but couldnt finish it.Then a 550 dead,2nd attempt 600lbs dead & last attempt 625lbs dead for a new PR!Then we went to rep outs and i repped out 225lbs for 39 good clean reps. Not half reps!!It was alot of fun!

  8. congrats, nice lifts!!!

  9. You not kidding 225 for 39 Whoooa! Nice work!

  10. Sounds like u all had a good time. Any pics.


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