getting an idea

  1. getting an idea

    i've posted before and got some feedback about powerlifting cuz i'm thinking about getting into it

    but i wanted to know what the competition was like...i'm 170 but can easily maintain my strength all the way down to about those weight brackets what do most people's bench, squat, etc look like?

  2. do a google search on powerlifting meets, you'll get a ton of answers

  3. the lightweight divisions are nutty, some of those guys are doing some insane deads for their weights, if I remember right their deads are in the 6's and benches in the upper 3's low 4's

  4. ya i just did a search and found some pretty crazy benches...that's what i'm really thinking about...

  5. dont like to squat?

  6. for some reason no...actually im sure that reason is directly attributed to my lack of focus on them...i just really like the bench

    off topic but i used to love deadlift when my gym had an old hexagon bar...good stuff


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