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  1. Incline vid

    Putfile - Golds

    This is a vid of me doing 605 on incline, I know the spotters hands are touching the bar but he didn't help at all. I will get a better one up soon (without the spotters hands touching the bar).

  2. I think it stops before you do the lift Nick.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    I think it stops before you do the lift Nick.
    It takes a long ass time to load, and it might start playing before its done loading.

  4. yup, stops at 7 seconds

  5. Give it some time, it takes forever and begins before its fully loaded.

  6. Nope they are right it stops before you lift

  7. I saw the full thing...

  8. Nope, it stops before you lift in the vid. Looked like you were going to get it though

  9. Loads fine.. nice press.

  10. 7 seconds for me too. i've got zero problem knowing you can do it though. big 700 is what i'm waiting for on flat

  11. try playing it again worked for me after i exited and reopened.

    anyway,NICE lift dude.....i wish i could do that.

  12. Yep...its been fixed. Its runtime now shows as 26 seconds.

    Nice lift nick. that's an enormous amount of weight man.
  13. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    beast! glad to see you back.

  14. You are amazing nick. You totally have mendy's record in the bag man. Keep it up!

  15. Keep it up bro!

    Amazing as always.
  16. B4n3 0n3
    B4n3 0n3's Avatar

    Your a MONSTER!!!!

  17. Inclining more than I squat. Nick, you suck. j/k. That's a hell of a lift bro, like Ex said, I see you catching Mendy easy. Keep it up.

  18. Nick, you still on the same email address?
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  19. video worked after I just hit stop and reload on the website.

    Absolutley huge lift, amazing..

  20. Clear out your PM's bro!!!

  21. Nice Lift Nick, loaded just fine for me


  22. holy hell. how you and i can be so close in age is absolutely beyond me.

  23. Nick good to see things are going good. I was wanting to get at you and see how things were going down in the chet. Let me know if your gonna come to the MI for any meets so i can see you in action. Keep workin hard bro

  24. Worked fine for me. Nice job Nick.


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