Scott Mendelson?

  1. Scott Mendelson?

    Hey guys I'm not big in the PL scence I'm a MMA fighter but one of the guys who first got in the MMA scene with me several years ago has a brother who is HUGE his name is Scott Mendelson. Rich told me his brother holds some records I think the Bench record but that was back like 5 years ago. Anyways i was just wondering is he still active, how well known is he etc.

    thanks for any info

  2. lol, very well known. he currently holds the raw and shirted record last i heard.

  3. Scott has shirt bench over 1000 and mid 700 without a shirt he is the man to beat

  4. Damn I didn't realize he was that STRONG rich always use to tell me what a monster he was. But then again Rich his little brother was strong as an ox when we trained too. His bench was close to 500 i think and he fought at 185lbs

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