chest strength

  1. chest strength

    hey guys im 16 not really a powerlifter persay but everybody at school says im one so wat the heck, anyway i've hit a sad plateau (spelling) on bench 185 for 5 or 8 reps on flat bench. i lift 80's on dumbbell bench for 6 or 8 reps and thats about it. incline and decline are da same as flat bench

    please help i wanna lift 220 or more for reps by end of summer

  2. what's your weekly routine look like?

  3. monday
    chest and shoulders

    chest-flat,decline,and incline

    incline and decline same


    shoulder press
    2 sets each weigh on shoulders i.e 50's twice and 65's twice

  4. so roughly you do 32 sets between flat, incline and decline?

  5. no the x# is the reps not sets sorry for da confusion

  6. So two sets of chest. And four sets of shoulders?

  7. you probably need to eat more.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by PVSkyHigh
    you probably need to eat more.
    ding ding ding

    next thing i would suggest is start working with heavier weight now. staying with 185 isn't going to help anything. each week add 10lbs and max out the set with as many reps as you can get. once you reach a 1RM, take it back to 75% and work your way back up in the same fashion. little something called 'progressive overload'.


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