deadlifting - long routine -

  1. deadlifting - long routine -

    I had an injury in the cuff while bench pressing 2 months ago, now im starting a deadlifting only routine, i want to hit the deadlift twice a week but i dont know what kind of routine i should follow.
    I would like to workout in a high volume training with 10-15 sets of various forms of deadlift (ex:5sets normal dead, 5 sets sumo,5sets straight leg or romanian) in a range of 1-8 reps. What do you guys think?high volume, 5x5\3x3 twice week or other...
    I workout 3xweek being 2 days for dead and one for squat.
    My record of dead is 360 3reps and i want to achieve the 400 barrier in 6 months max

  2. Tryin to do that routine plus squating will put you at a high risk of injury checkout the stickies for info about westside training.

  3. that much volume on deads isnt going to get you anywhere, i get trained by a guy who pulls in the low 8's. i have never pulled for more than 5 reps in a set, once a week, my normal deadlift setsxreps is one of these:

    and that's it, one week from the floor, next week either pulling against bands or rack pulls. other than that have to hit your posterior hard otherwise you wont be able to pull

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