NASS Who competes?

  1. NASS Who competes?

    Who here competes or has competed in a NASS competition? Im am curious. I think they are pretty damn good comps. I will be sponsoring most of the comps this year offering a pretty supplement package. I love the sport, but 'scue me but its time for my daily truck pulls


  2. It's just NAS now, Willy and Dionne dropped the "society" part. No idea why.

    I competed for several years, did probably 16 or 17 comps and promoted three. Been out of for a little while now, too busy with work and a couple injuries. Still got my stones in the garage, plus a log, a super yoke, and farmer's implements.

    I'll get back sometime, maybe start training again this winter and get ready for some spring/summer comps.

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