Plethora of 5x5 info

  1. Plethora of 5x5 info

    Pretty much everything you will need to ever know about the 5x5 program, all the links are very helpful to read too. For beginners this is a good place to start.

    Note: Most of the examples depict a 5x5 program with the end goal of an increase in squat weight. You can swap the squat out for Bench, or Trade places with it and deads if you really want. Also note the low amount of accessory work and pay close attention to the loading protocols.

  2. Nice post K!

  3. Great stuff. I'm getting sick of all the "bodybuilding" fluff available. I am a bodybuilder at heart but I figure to get gains going again I should get back to where I started.....powerlifting. Thanks man.

  4. Yah it's not even necessarily just for powerlifters, but for people who want a solid program for putting on some mass or overall strength.

  5. Will be wanting to try something like this after the summer.

    Bookmarked and copied.

    Thanks man! :clean:

  6. AwEs0mE iNfoRmaT1on... sHud bE uh sTickY


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