Ok, I just put this together a few mins ago, looking for a new routine, I currently train fullbody every other day, focus on bench, rows, deads, squats, C&J, Snatch, Im just looking to shake things up a bit.

19 yrs old
5'9 184lb
bench 265
C&J 185
Dead 365

This is influenced by westside, with the OLs incorperated and a few BB exercises to focus on some weak spots in my physique.

Squat (PL) (max effort)
Good Mornings or RDL 3 sets
Front squat (OL) 2 sets
Claves(BB) 2 sets
Abs(crunches/situps) 2 sets
Adductor/Abductor(BB) 4 sets

Flat bench (max effort)
Pullups 3 sets
Rows 3 sets
Incline 3 sets
Bis/Tris(BB) 4 sets
Shoulders(BB) 2 sets


Clean & Jerk
Speed Bench 50% 1RM, 8x3, vary grips
Hanging Leg Raises 2 sets


Any suggestions, comments, or questions are welcome.