going for powerlifting

  1. going for powerlifting


    normally just a novice lifter but going towards powerlifting. usually do to many warm up sets(5lbs progression) up to max. some of my maxes are:225 bench, 325 squat, deadlift ???. wondering if this workout was ok to start. 3 workouts per week, 2 exercises for bench/squat/deadlift.

    chest:bb bench/db bench
    tris: tri ext/push down
    bis: stand bi curl/ hammer curl
    back: deadlift/rows
    legs: squat/leg press
    shoulders: military press/db press

    run a 8week cycle using a progressive 3X3 or 5X5 routine. help with critiquing pls.

  2. anyone????

  3. warm up progressions should be like 20lbs, dont want to burn yourself out warming up with 5lb incraments. if you want a simple routine ask me and i can dig one out of the crates

  4. would appreciate a simple workout plan, thanks.

  5. make sure you start up a log here and if you have any questions just ask. it's a simple routine off of my site, the guy who made this up squats in the 9s, benches in 6s, and pulls in the 8s. plus he is a personal trainer and trains me. beelze knows him and so does poobah, in fact he trains poobah too.

    Squats 2 x 5
    Box squats 2 x 5
    Leg presses 1 x 20 (pick 1 of the squats + the leg presses)
    posterior core movement 2 x 10-20reps
    heavy abs 2 x 20
    hips 1 x 20-25 reps
    Calves (your choice of exercise if you like) 2 x 10

    Wide grip flat bench 2 x 6 (index fingers on the rings)
    hammer grip dbs 2 x 8-12 reps
    tricep push downs 1-2 x 8-100reps. (yup 100)
    db side laterals 1-2 x 10reps light
    db front raises 1-2 x 10reps light
    pull-a-parts 1-2 x 20reps

    Dead lifts (rotate variations each week) 2 x 5
    posterior core movement 2 x 10-20reps
    heavy abs 2 x 20reps
    rows 2 x 4-8reps
    Reverse grip narrow grip pull downs 2 x 4-8reps
    Standing wide grip curls 2 x 8-12 reps (or your favorite curl here)
    hammer curls or reverse curls 2 x 8-12reps

  6. thanks, i registered at teamsniffy yesterday and surfed the site a while, got some really good programs to choose from. thanks for the help.

  7. ill start a log starting on may 1.

  8. cool, make sure you start a log over here too

  9. Hard to beat a man with 27-28 years of powerlifting experience. Who also trains with the very best, and can out pull what most of us can do combined.

    Besides that, I've gone from a max Bench of 340 to 1 or 2 weeks off trying a 405 in just 5-6 weeks.

    It's almost like magic.



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