any competitive benchers using sd?

  1. any competitive benchers using sd?

    I am doing a pp/sd cycle right now just wondering if anyone else had done it and what their results were.

  2. i used sd once and it was hell on earth, i'm not a competitive bencher but the back pumps were HORRIBLE, plus i was so lethargic it was crazy. and my joints were hurting so bad, i literally would sneeze and my elbows and shoulders would hurt for at least 5 minutes of aching pain. i stopped after 3 weeks, then had to keep dealing with the bs for another 3 weeks. i hated it.

  3. powerlifter6920
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    I bought a bottle of Pheraplex for ****s and grins, plan on taking it starting next week. I'll let you know how the gains are. I'm not interested in gaining any weight. I'm interested in the strength increase, if any, at a steady bodyweight around 242.

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