check out whos in strongman!!

  1. check out whos in strongman!!

    this is the first day from the arnold,

    look how fast Benedict magnisson did the timber carry in.

    he smoked the field, i am very interested to see the finals and watch the videos!!

  2. I had the pleasure of watching him yesterday. That guy is INTENSE, he charged to the deadlift bar like a bull! He should be very impressive in the next couple of years.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kelsey
    not anymore

  4. Who has the record now?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Enigma76
    Who has the record now?
    andy bolton at 971, i posted a video of it

  6. I was at the Arnold and watched the strongman competition. Although Pudzianowski is my fav, Benedict was very entertaining! The way he psyched himself up was awesome. He would walk back and forth and start violently shaking his head. The crowd quickly took a liking to him.


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