Any other lifts

  1. Any other lifts

    I'm 18 and work out 4 days a week(thinking about moving it to 5) and would like to get into powerlifting. I currently do deadlifts, squats, front squats, cleans, flat bench(been moving up really fast on this), and incline bench. Are there any other exercises that could help me get stronger? Thanks.

  2. good mornings help squat and deadlift.
    tate press will help your bench. (tri movement)
    ab work gives you a stronger core for handling bigger weights.
    rack deads are a good alternative to full ranges (helps lockout too)
    box squats help you pop out of the hole on regular squats.

    that's all i can think of for now.

  3. Thanks. Is there a site that shows proper technique for such lifts?

  4. Bench press: Close grip benches, board presses, floor presses, tricep extensions lying on the floor(lift the weight fast and then lower to the floor fast). You will have to try them and see wich you like best but I definatley recommend lots of close grip work flat,incline, and decline. Also floor presses seem to work great for me but others don't feel the help much. I agree with beelzebub on the goodmornings. I think those helped my squat more than anything.

  5. thank you for that link, Beelzebub very informative

  6. If your going to start powerlifting focus on working the smaller muscles in your body...(rotorcuft muscles)... horns work well. This will help you stabalize and protect your larger muscle groups. Also maintain a stronge core by working abs,ect........

    By the way these guys are right-on about the exercises you need to do!!!!!!!

    GREAT POST!!!!

  7. you may want to try and go to, those guys provide tons and tons of information. some good stuff to look at would be the periodization bible written by dave tate (there are a couple parts). it is in the articels section. you may have to search a little to find it but it is well worth your time.

    get strong!

  8. MY favorites

    Standing overheads presses
    (you use every muscle under the bar)

    sled dragging (if you can handle it)

    overhead throws of some sort

  9. Snatches, and any type of medicine ball throw.

  10. Glute Ham Raises are a must as the hamstrings are emphasized more in a PL squat and are also utilized in the deadlift


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