damn impressive

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  1. yup thats impressive

  2. Those make my knees hurt just watching.
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  3. **** I think I just heard my L5 pop LOL!

  4. ........

  5. Sweet videos guys! Very inspiring. TKE that's just plain gross.

  6. yeah thats very nasty
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  7. that's a photoshop BTW.

  8. as stated before, a proven fake. Looks real, is gross, but is fake.

    I know nothing about powerlifting but in the other vidoe of that guy it looked like he was sniffing his chalk,no idea why he would, but in this one I didnt see anything. I am guessing that is a smelling salt or something. I know, Im stupid, but curious!

  9. lol, smelling salts bro. or ammonia caps. both are common in pl'ing.

  10. I knew he wasnt sniffing chalk, thought maybe some coke to be honest the way this animal was acting. (all that was flying around would have been a waste) but I was pretty sure that it was smelling salts or the like. Or maybe just a routine he got into, like pushing the bar forward a little with his foot, he liked to wipe his nose. I have seen stranger things. Before a wrestling match I would have to do 35 push ups and 25 jumping jacks, and 55 jumps with a jump rope. For some reason they all had to end in a five. The reason I though coke was cause I used it before competing in high school in wrestling and it worked like a charm. All these people hyping up this AMP try a gram of caine. That will blow your fucing mind. Actually dont try it, it can kill you. I made some huge mistakes and I have learned. Enough about my life story. L8tr

  11. marius p. (don't know how to spell his f'ing name) popped for coke and was disqualified from one of those strong-man comps. seem ridiculous to me but i'm sure it's common.

  12. I am sure alot of those guys use it. The amount of intensity you get from a quick line is unbeliveable. I would like to see an NFL locker room at halftime. Some "greenies" getting passed around or lines, more people die from that then juice. Priorities are all messed up. Just ask Jose?

  13. it looks like somebody edited my post...well i didn't know it was fake. I thought it had really happen, well anyways I am sorry if I offended anyone, I just thought that it will be something to have in mind while we are squating so much weight.

  14. Just gross and unecessary. Not a big deal.
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  15. john bernor squatted 1205 officially

  16. how much does that dude weigh?

  17. My guess would be atleast 425lbs. Depends on body fat. That is no help I know, but I wanted to take a guess anyways.

  18. well, i guess i'm going to suck at pl'ing because there is no ****ing way i'm going to let myself get that fat. when i exceed 275, it's diet time.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    well, i guess i'm going to suck at pl'ing because there is no ****ing way i'm going to let myself get that fat. when i exceed 275, it's diet time.
    What do you think he is weighing in at, just curious!

  20. i'd say ~500.

  21. God dang, that is big!!!! Crazy! Never do I ever want to be over 220lbs. To be honest, I dont think I will ever get over 210 but it would be nice.


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