damn impressive

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  1. bb.com is so f'ing gay. 1200lbs is a freaking bear plus some. that is crazyness!!

  2. he is huge!!!!!! Now imagine if all that weigh he has was not fat but mostly muscle...A ****#ng monster!!

  3. no doubt, it's a serious ass squat. can't argue with that. but damn, he's a bigun.

  4. would be interesting to know his LBM weight..

  5. Beelzebub you don't have to get fat to do powerlifting, ever watch worlds strongest man? I can't remember his name right now but he's been worlds strongest man a couple times now and he's SHREDDED and veiny.

  6. yeah, that's marius pudisomething. i know you don't have to be that fat brudda, it was a rhetorical statement, sarcasm at it's finest. otoh, strongest man and powerlifting aren't the same. there are similarities though. i'll stick in my weight class and i'm sure things will turn out fine. SHW class is for a different breed.

  7. otoh, strongest man and powerlifting aren't the same
    Thats for damn sure. Strongest man takes strenght no doubt, but it takes endurance, speed, agility, into consideration as well. Those guys don't train for one rep sets. And their competitions don't involve maxing out.

  8. I read an article recently (was it posted here?) about a powerlifter who is super ripped.

    He used to weigh 320 and be the typical fat powerlifter. Then he tore his hamstring and had to do bench only comps. He decided to drop some fat so he could compete in lower weight classes. He's now like 265 and benches over 750. 265 but ripped to shreds (he's really really tall).

  9. yeah, brad something or another. it's around here, kelsey posted it before with his diet.

  10. dave gulledge hes on www.midwestbarbell.com

    i have seen him a few times hes about 6'0-6'1 really freakin thick though

    here an article about him with vids- really cool check it out BEEZ
    check him in school (freakin ripped)


    you have to read the whole article (pretty interesting)

  11. damn good read. thanks for that post kelsey. points for you

  12. thanks fo rthe post Kelsey. What a huge guy


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