What Music Do You listen to while lifting?

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  1. Question What Music Do You listen to while lifting?

    Im lucky.....The gym i go to has a serperate room for FreeWeights and Us hardcore lifters got together & bought our own system to play our music.We play Hard Rock,Metal,Rap,& hip-hop!GnR,Metallica ,AC/DC ect...is some of the favorite also Slipknot,Hatebreed, & Linkin Park along with Eminem,50Cent,Ludacris ect.....
    Name some songs you guys like to listen to while lifting or before lifting....NEW &/or OLD!!!

  2. I am pretty lucky too. My gym is mostly all guys. Most between 16 and 35. We get to listen to any kind of stuff from rage against the machine to slipknot, atreyu, as I lay dying, disturbed system of a down. All the good stuff.

  3. Oh Yeah DISTUREBED of course!I also like Rage against the machine (wish they hadnt broken up).

  4. Little John Korn GUNNROSES

  5. I listen to anywhere from slipknot, marilyn manson, rammstein, mudvayne, chamillionaire, lil wyte, eminem. Oh and don't worry, I work at a gym and they play fruitcake music so I always have my headphones on.

  6. xm squizz!

  7. disturbed, Godsmack, mudvayne

  8. Grim Reaper- See You in HELL, Iron Maiden- Wrathchild, Skid Row-youth gone wild, Early Man- Death is the Answer, Judas Priest -The Sentinel....

  9. AFI's black sails in the sunset is great to lift to

    anything by pennywise

    refused - shape of punk to come

    satyricon, everytime i die, i love lifting to the Faint, rancid

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Truck 44
    disturbed, Godsmack, mudvayne
    Indeed! Saw Disturbed here in Boston last week, sick show!

  11. korn slipknot hatebreed sepultura kittie pantera ratm xzibit eminem 2pac

  12. DMX - Fame, party up, whats my name, lets get it on, we bout to blow, number 11, stop being greedy, bring your whole crew, ain't no way, flesh of my flesh
    Pac - Blasphemy, life of an outlaw, me and my girlfriend, closest road dogz, ghetto star, 2 of Americaz most wanted, no more pain, hit em up, out on bail ft.em, secretz of war, F*** friends, Breathin, lastonesleft
    ....plus em, 50, rage, guns and roses, nas....

  13. I am a big fan of listening to 90's hip-hop like Bone thugs, Notorious BIG, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, mostly gang-banging hip-hop... but also like to work out to the newer rap like 50 cent, lil Wayne, etc. I like basically all types ofmusic besides techno and country though so anything that appeals to my ears i listen to.

  14. I listen to mostly Metallica ,AC/AD, Black Sabbath, Godsmack, and for some reason I recently heard and liked Atreyu.

  15. Gotta agree with glenihan pennywise rule my favorite band. Glen you ever see them live i have twice best shows of my life.
    Lately ive been listening to american head charge, darkest hour, project 86 and death by stereo. every time i die song guitarred and feathered on repeat on some days.

  16. yeah i've seen pennywise live a few times .. great live show .. but nothing can compare to when i saw Joe Strummer live in Nov of 98

    i really only like the Hot Damn album by every time i die .. gutter phenomenon just doesn't do it for me .. and the first album they tried too hard to be too complicated with the music

  17. Mine would have to be Metallica, Slayer, Amon Amarth, Iced Earth, Pantera, Disturbed, and Drowning Pool. Helps to provide a bit of encouragement and keeps distractions to a minimum. Nothing says I'm here to work like a glare that could melt lead and headphones blaring metal.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    AFI's black sails in the sunset is great to lift to

    anything by pennywise

    refused - shape of punk to come

    satyricon, everytime i die, i love lifting to the Faint, rancid
    Good taste man. Alot of Rancid songs get me pretty amped up when I'm lifting. Roots radicals always gets me juiced up. Pretty much just good aggressive punk in general, with maybe some old-school hardcore thrown in the mix is always good. Cro-mags, before the quarrel seems to find itself rotating in my mp3 player alot.

  19. Any Tool album, and Metallica old school Metallica does it for me. Although I dabble with a little 50.

  20. it doesn't really matter to me what is playing, when I am lifting hard and heavy I block everything out

  21. Mudvayne get's it done, Slipknot, Sepultura, Soul Fly, Deftones, RATM, Chimara, a couple of local bands no one has ever heard of, Every Time I Die.

    Just as a side note; there is this one owner at my gym who is always playing the most ridiculous music. last year around thanksgiving he was playing this Celtic music, now I am Irish, but I don't want to listen to the Titanic sink while I am Sqatting. Then last week, he was playing this instrumental, elevator style christmas album. How do you get pumped up to that? The worst part is the guy is ALL ABOUT this ****, like he stands around telling people about how "I saw this band last year at the community center and they rocked!" I seriously would like to smash the sterio when he plays that crap. Thank god I usually go to the gym at like 3 in the morning.

  22. The Used.........great songs, and the best live performers ive EVER seen, ive been to four of their show and they always blow me away
    Definitely some AFI
    Definitely some My Chemical Romance
    Im trying to back away from the hard stuff but i still like em....underoath, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, the New Finch CD has some duesy's, Thursday, Greeley Estates, Dear Whoever, maybe some Silverstein, Thrice, Let Live, Agony Scene, Funeral for a Friend, Avenged Sevenfold, etc...
    Im really not a fan of rap unless im throwin a party, in which case its a must if you want to dance with girls.

    Lately i just listin to chillin music: Guster, Kalia, Jack Johnson

  23. Slayer
    old Sepultera
    Speed Kill Hate
    Dying Fetus
    Cannibal Corpse
    Six Feet Under
    Vital Remains
    Orange Goblin
    Pig Destroyer
    The Crown
    Arch Enemy
    Cattle Decapitation
    Disgrace by Design
    and **** loads more

  24. Barbra Streisand for sure! But if I'm going for my max I put on some Enya...thats what I'm talkin 'bout.

  25. everyone that's mentioned Every Time I Die should check out "shape of punk to come" by Refused .. best hardcore album EVER and considering it came out in 97 it was way ahead of its time

    Dennis Lyxzen (sp) is the singer .. he's now the singer of the (international) noise conspiracy


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