What Music Do You listen to while lifting?

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  1. Old school here ..
    AC/DC , Metallica, Judas Priest, Motley Crue

  2. Cant go wrong with ACDC or Metallica.Godsmack too!

  3. Tool
    At the Drive-in
    angrier NIN songs
    Linkin Park (it's throw-away music but it pumps you up)
    Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (makes feel like big things are happening)
    System of a Down
    Some Trance as well

  4. Mostly Hip Hop... As of late it has been Young Jeezy and The Diplomats.

  5. my gym is a bunch of old ****s listening to awful awful 80's pop, No I am not kidding... Thank you IPAWD...

  6. Praise the lord for MP3 players:

    Guns N' Roses
    Linkin Park
    System of a Down

    Anything that can incite a feeling of extreme anger.

    Note: My all time fav is Jimmy Buffett.... but ol' Jimmy just doesn't cut it when you're shoulder pressing 100 lb. dumbbells. lol.

  7. Everlast
    anything loud and violent that will motivate me

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Achilles13
    Mostly Hip Hop... As of late it has been Young Jeezy and The Diplomats.
    Diplomats get me pretty motivated in the gym sometimes. Especially "ground zero". I've put up some pr's on that song.

  9. I work at the school gym so I have to watch what I play. On the other hand, I'm one of the few who actually needs to get pumped up for my lifts so I play what I want when I need to get my head on.
    Here's the goods:
    Slipknot (Wait and Bleed still gives me goosebumps)
    Alice In Chains
    White/ Rob Zombie
    Killswitch Engage
    In Flames
    Devil Driver

    It'd be cool to get an all time fav. lifting songs list. Kinda like a sampling of everyone's songs that get them pumped like no other.

  10. Pantera( walk),Testament, Dying Fetus(killing on adrenaline rocks), Goratory,Hatebreed, Six feet under, Sepultura( Territory live). Guttral secrete, just a few to get amped

  11. Metal while I lift, techno on the treadmill

  12. Currently: Cannibal Corpse during the drive, Lamb of God in the gym.

  13. Hip Hop Always, Dip Set,purple City, Juelz Santana...

  14. It really depends on my mood.

    Some days I listen to no music because I'm in a crazy mood just to hit the gym hard.

    When I'm not on one of those days I listen to different types of music once again depending on my mood.

    Atmosphere(Really only rap I enjoy)- When I'm in the mood to have a nice beat and some intelligent words while I work out.
    Children of Bodom- When I need some endurance - Very fast melodic metal from finland.
    Underoath(Old)- If I'm in a normal mood
    At the Drive in- If I'm in a mellow mood.
    Killswitch Engage- Once again refer to Underoath
    Maylene and the Sons of Disaster- If I'm in a really trashy mood haha

  15. Children of Bodom- When I need some endurance - Very fast melodic metal from finland.
    YEah baby!!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    YEah baby!!
    Hahaha yeah Bodom is the best.

    You hear they're doing Ozzfest instead of their ****ty finland concert? I'm so excited.

  17. If we had a way to put together a disk with the top 20 or 30 songs people like, that would be cool. It would also give people a chance to sample some new stuff. Broaden their horizons so to speak. Money made goes to support the board. Just an idea.

  18. I love listening to Hatebreed in the gym, makes me wanna break stuff!!!!!!!!

  19. I usually don't care whats on, although I can't stand techno, and rap really.

    I like to listen to classic rock, 80's,

    if I put on a tape or cd it's usually-
    appatite for destruction (G'n R)
    Global grip challenge 2005 cd that I competed in, it's a 2-cd set with every competitor's favorites everything from metallica,AC/DC,priest, hatebreed, Jonny Cash,avenged sevenfold, autium ahes (whoever they are), and eye of the tiger......and no rap at all!!! I love those cds.

  20. Thanks for the Post everyone, I've downloaded a lot of bands I never had heard of and Monday should be a badass workout.

    My list
    System of a Down
    linkin park
    white zombie

    and a whole lot mo.

  21. mudvayne
    lamb of god
    alice in chains
    avenged sevenfold
    SUB DUB MICROMACHINE- love their song FLY
    Drowning pool
    some oldschool AFI


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