The lbs of force generated by a pair of doubled mini-bands?

  1. The lbs of force generated by a pair of doubled mini-bands?

    I've cycled bands on and off on dynamic day but just started to give them a try on max effort movements. I thought I've seen numerous places that a pair of doubled mini bands will give you 85lbs at the top. Now the weird thing is I Missed 310lbs of bar weight + two doubled minis. Since I can do 395 I assumed I'd be able to pull this off. By the way I'm only 5'10 or so so its not like I have a long stroke or anything. The only thing I can figure is that the bands pulled me out of my grove or is two doubled mini's generating more force than I thought?

  2. Are you using a single band doubled on each side? If so it should be 40lbs of tension at the bottom. And 80lbs at the top. It will feel lighter the quicker you move it.

  3. Thanks mab! It seems the poundage is right on then. I think your right and lack of speed probably played a role to because I slowed it down because I couldn't find my groove with the bands on. Hopefully I'll have it figured out next week.

  4. The mini bands are tough on max effort. Board presses will allow you to handle true weight without the balance effect of band tension. Go heavy on the boards [raw] and use the mini bands for speed. Board presses for medium range and top end work, floor presses for the bottom. My husband swears by it.

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