shameless plugs

  1. shameless plugs

    just wanted to share some happiness tonight with all those insane powerlifters and strongmen. im not technically a powerlifter, but i train like one for shotput.

    we bench maxed last friday, and I put up 405. not quite what i was hoping for, but not bad with my current pec injury.

    tonight, we squat maxed, and i somehow managed to work up to and successfully lift 600. i was shooting for 550, but just felt good so kept going, lol. thats up 75 pounds from 525 in mid september.

    and all this while running DNP to drop weight, and with no shirts or suits.

    next goals are for january, looking for 450 and 650. ill be in prime position to throw over 60 feet with those strength numbers and weighing in around 330

  2. Nice work!! Do you deadlift?

  3. not currently, though i wish i could.

    i dont get to create my own workouts, since i am an NCAA athlete. but im trying to get coach to add deadlifts in...

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