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  1. Question frequency of lifting

    I have a dilemma I hope some one can help with. I am G6-PD deficient and am having a really hard time recovering. I eat well and really push the protein, I am 230 @ 14% bf. I have tried multiple styles of training and can't find one that works. I have to take about 6 weeks off from PL style training due to an injury so in the mean time I am going to work on my cardio more BB style. My CNS is definetly smoked right now so the time off should help. Any suggestions will be taken gladly.
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  2. unfortunately, no one seems to be able to offer some advice for you. but maybe if you give some more details on your deficiency, we might be able to offer some more advice. personally, i have no idea what that deficiency is, never even heard of it.

    until then, maybe supplementing with glutamine, and other aminos before and after workouts might help, and also ive heard some real good things about something called cissus, try researching that and see if you can find something that helps.

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