deadlift goal reached.....for now anywayz

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  1. Very Impressive.

  2. deadlifts are my most hated exercise, so my hat goes off to you.

  3. 7 plates are just around the corner for you.

  4. How can i watch your vid, I registered but dont have access, Anyway sounds good tho wish i could see

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hulagn1971
    7 plates are just around the corner for you.
    little harder than i expected. missed 625 last week.

  6. congrats beezle - im struggling with 5 plates at the moment

  7. what made mine shoot up recently was alternating between 2 different programs from week to week:
    program 1) full range deads
    program 2) good mornings
    rack deads (knee level)

    the rest of my back workout was random, generally barbell or dumbbell rows, wide grip or close grip pulldowns, etc.

  8. Hey Beelze,

    Don't know if you saw my comment up a few posts, but I was also wondering if you knew what band/song that was in your vid? Sounds pretty kick-ass!

  9. nah, i didn't set that song bro. the mods take the video and spice it up with whatever they want. sounds close to godsmack, little slow for their style though


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