NickW what does your workout look like?

  1. Question NickW what does your workout look like?

    Hey NickW i would like to know what your workout is like right now before
    your contest coming up?Do you do chest & tris together?Bench once a week
    or twice??ETC.........Thanks

  2. I train chest twice a week, ME day and DE day. Right now I am working on building my lockout strength with 4board band presses, and every other week I work on my shirt technique by going as heavy as I can as explosively as I can. I do train chest and tri's at the same time and heavy on ME day, and then on DE day I just do a set or two for tris as they are usually pretty fatigues from the band work (triceps are my weakpoint). I do occasionaly go heavy after I am done with my DE work, like last night after I finished my 8 sets of 3 reps I went as heavy as I could using good form. I managed to work up to 475 + a pair of doubled purple bands (the bands I always use on DE day) for 1 easy rep, tried 495 but my tris were too fatigued and it only went halfway up. Let me know if I failed to answer anything as completely as you would like or if you have any other questions.

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