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  1. Upcoming meet

    Got a meet coming up October 8th, so right now I am sitting at 11 days out. The crappy thing is I am getting sick. This is my last week of hitting it hard before the meet, was really hoping to hit some big numbers for me this week, but it just isnt happening so far. Have just a really mild fever, get really tired at times, and the main thing is my mind is really unclear. I cant focus on anything, and I am having a really hard time getting fired up which is really bothering me lol. My ears are still aching today from having slipknot blaring through my headphones during yesterdays bench workout lol, still didnt work. I am just taking some Nyquil, Dayquil and a ton of Vit C right now and trying to get as much rest as possible. I feel better than I did yesterday. Yesterday warming up for bench 225 felt like 315 lol...not a good feeling!! Tomorrow deadlifts are scheduled to go, but I may put it off an extra day or two until I am feeling up to par. Last week deadlifts went like crap, that was just when I was starting to come down with this bug, so I am really wanting a good day to build my confidence levels back up. I guess its better than getting sick next week and being sick at the meet, as I should be better by then I hope!! This just makes me a bit nervous when I am having a crappy week and it is my last chance to really hit it hard before the meet. I noticed it last wednesday, which was when I deadlifted and it went bad, I could not get focused for the life of me or wound up at all. I never have a problem with that, it will come back, just need to get healthy. If any of you have any tips on what to take to get back to feeling good fast I would appreciate it!!

  2. Rest up man. Got your openers picked out yet?

  3. Not completely sure yet, it is a NASA meet and the 3 lifts are bench deadlift and curl lol. I think for bench I am going to open around 365 or so, for curl probably like 135-145, have got 175 on a straight bar fairly easily a while back, I havent even been training my curl lol. For deadlift I am not for sure yet, last week was reverse band deadlifts and they went like crap, so the combination of the bands and going like crap I have no idea where I am really at, thats why I am possibly putting off deadlifting another day or two until I am feeling good.

  4. Pick your openers, hit your openers, call it good enough and rest until your comp.

  5. I am going all raw other than a belt for deadlifts, that pause is going to suck on bench, some judges really make you pause the hell out of it while others arent as bad. I was going to wear my double poly briefs for deadlift, but NASA rules only allow single ply and they have to be groove briefs and cant come up over your waist. They also have some gay rules for bench like keeping your head on the bench and feet flat on the floor. I dont have a problem with feet flat on the floor, but alot of people I know when they set up and arch, there is no way they could have their feet flat on the floor. I do lift my head off the bench so I am going to have to watch that, I dont get the point of that rule at all, oh well. Alot of the shirts out there almost force your head off the bench, it will be interesting.

  6. Ya I lifted in an APF meet last march, i like thier rules alot better. Everything just made sense, why the hell with NASA cant you take your head of the bench? How is that going to assist you? Same with feet flat on the ground? What difference, if your ass is on the bench, you dont bounce it off your chest, dont dip the weight and hold the lockout, that in my opinion is a good bench. End of my rant lol. I just dont have or know how to use the equip well enough to do worth a **** in APF, also plain not strong enough lol. This isnt really a sanctioned NASA meet, like you cant set records there or anything, its at a YMCA and they got some NASA judges so that is what they are going by. Natural Athlete Strength Association...im not quite natural lol, but since its not really a NASA meet I dont see a problem with it. I may even just say screw some of the technicalities on bench with the head on the bench if I am having trouble with it, and just use the day to try and hit some PR's, that may be a bad idea and Im not planning on it, but I figure what the hell.

  7. If the meet is free I would just go with the PR idea, otherwise I would make sure I got some good lifts in so you don't feel like your wasting your money.

  8. Ya its only $30, and I get a t-shirt!!! LOL, but from what its sounding like it is a really small meet and from the results of last meet, my opener's would beat the winning weights from their last meet, but you never know, they all could have got alot stronger or some other strong mofo may show up and smoke everyone in my class. But I was just considering if it is looking like my openers should place me well, just hit my openers with all the technicalities they are looking for, then just go back to my form to hit some PR's for myself. This will be the strongest I have ever been, I should be peaked out pretty good, in front of a crowd of people, and I would be alot happier hitting a PR for me that didnt get counted b/c my head came off then bench than try to comply to their rules and just get irritated with everything.

    I am starting to feel a little better, I am finally able to think clearer, still have the constant headache, but best of all my aggression is coming back hard!!! LOL I love it!!

  9. sounds like a good plan

  10. Whats up Nate Dawg?I will be at that meet too hopefully 2 compete also!As long as
    my shoulder doesnt act up!

  11. Do I know you skullcrusher? You are going to the NASA meet in KS?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by MrSkullCrusher
    Whats up Nate Dawg?I will be at that meet too hopefully 2 compete also!As long as
    my shoulder doesnt act up!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    Do I know you skullcrusher? You are going to the NASA meet in KS?
    No u dont know me.You know my lifting partner HEMIDOG though.
    He said you would be there so when i saw this thread i figured you are talking about
    the Hutch meet.RIght?Or am i wrong?

  14. Oh right on!! Thats the meet, ya I have been talking to hemidog about it and ninobrown, what weight class are you coming in at?

  15. Bench deadlift and what? Curls?

    Never heard of anything like that.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    Oh right on!! Thats the meet, ya I have been talking to hemidog about it and ninobrown, what weight class are you coming in at?
    Weighing in right now at 298lbs....going to chiefs/eagles game this weekend so may gains some More pounds then!LOL!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ABiLiTY
    Bench deadlift and what? Curls?

    Never heard of anything like that.
    Yeah crazy....I will probably just do the Bench Press.
    I pulled up 6 plates yesterday for deadlift (no belt or straps)
    but for my weight that isnt good enough in my own opinion.
    Tried 600lbs and almost had it!
    Just started training deadlifts the past 6 months or less.
    Moving up really good but not there yet.Curls forget that!They allow so much for
    swing too!LOL!!Dont think i will try that.

  18. Ya I am going to milk that swing for all its worth, who knows, it may end up becoming a reverse grip hang clean lol Whatever the judges allow, I'm going for it.....

  19. Hey Nate what was the best deadlifts and benchpress
    last year?Do you know?

  20. From what I heard, these are the overall best lifts of all the weight classes, 455 bench, 525 deadlift, and 165 curl, so if you dl'd 585, i would say go for it, might as well curl too in my opinion. I have no idea what to expect really, but when I went to that APF meet last spring I knew what to expect...I got ****ing killed lol, but hit PR's so really thats all that matters. Look forward to meeting you MRskullcrusher.

  21. Hey thats alright!Maybe i will go for it all!Thanks for the info!

    It was exactly 573lbs cause are gym has OLD 44lb plates!I may be
    hype enough to get 600lbs in front of all them people!I will be posting
    some videos of my lifts on BB.com 2nite or 2morrow.Got one on Decline
    bench doing 5 plates 5X and was really happy with that!Another one
    On delcine doing 3 plates 31X.

  22. 298lbs! hopefully there will be others in your weight class to compete against! i'll be there too so it'll be nice to meet some new folks, good luck.

  23. Hey KNOX we will see u there!If you guys are interested at all
    i posted some videos of my lifts on BB.com under the powerlifting
    section tonight.check it out if you get a chance.Later

  24. yeah dude you are a big man, move'n some weight

    see ya saturday!


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