How strong was Arnold?

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  1. I've read he liked to use Primo depot with dbol..

  2. Quote Originally Posted by lifted
    they were pioneers in their field, that's for sure.
    Yep, and both are leading healthy active lives decades later. Kinda blows that roids will kill you thing out of the water. My doc says roids are, in general, about as unhealthy for you as long term antibiotic usage, which is rampant in the US.

  3. ...aside from arnold's major heart surgery

  4. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    ...aside from arnold's major heart surgery
    That was a genetic issue just like David letterman triple by pass

  5. ...aside from arnold's major heart surgery
    Which was supposedly congenital. Could have been aggrevated by the steroid use, but I doubt his valve problem was entirely due to anabolics.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    ...aside from arnold's major heart surgery
    Yea i second that, he did have major heart surgery.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by sctxms
    That was a genetic issue just like David letterman triple by pass
    yeah and flex wheeler's kidney problems were genetic too ... the abuse of lasix etc. didn't play a MAJOR role at all

  8. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    ...aside from arnold's major heart surgery
    I heard that the doc's said that was genetic, not gear related.

  9. i'm not gonna challenge a doctor BUT arnold has tons of money and knows LOTS of people

  10. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i'm not gonna challenge a doctor BUT arnold has tons of money and knows LOTS of people
    True. But I also think that with the hysteria surrounding steroids when ever they are mentioned, that some news channel would have been all over this if it had been caused by steroids.

  11. ANYONE who has done ANY AS and has a physical problem it is DIRECTLY related to the AS use.


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  12. crowler you know i don't think that ... just in this specific case i think it is very possible AAS played a role

  13. I think that he may have had a congenital heart condition, and AAS didnt help any. From everything I read, the surgery was to repair a defective aortic valve - usually those kind of heart conditions are present at birth. (Mitral Valve Prolapse, etc.) I think that an Aortic valve becomes defective when it becomes calcified from high cholesterol - perhaps years of methylated anabolics had his HDL so low for such a long time that it resulted in him needing heart surgery down the road.

    Still - probably would have happened anyway (perhaps later in life) - if he had never touched the stuff. Over 80,000 people every year get an aortic valve replaced - I wonder how many were professional body builders.

    We all know these, but just to make a point:

    Arnold's Peak Stats:

    Arms: 22 inches
    Chest: 57 inches
    Waist: 34 inches
    Thighs: 28.5 inches
    Calves: 20 inches
    Weight: 235 pounds
    Height: 6 feet 2 inches

    No doubt he was a big dude - but I bet he would have been a good 220-225 even if he had never touched anabolics. I doubt any of the guys back then were pounding down enough juice to cause their hearts to explode from drug use alone.


  14. I heard he could do 450X8 on Bench Press

  15. Arnold was pretty strong but Franco was a lot stronger. In Arnolds book he says Franco benched 500 for reps.

  16. I want to know the doses of gear they used.....I also heard arnold lived by a rule of 6 months on, 6 months off each year.....

  17. i heard he could bench a house for reps

  18. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i heard he could bench a house for reps
    Child's play. I can bench your fat momma for reps.

  19. Child's play. I can bench your fat momma for reps.
    I can bench my own ass.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    I can bench my own ass.
    Now that's impressive.

  21. I heard about him using dbol and primo too... Although I doubt we will ever really know.

  22. He openly admits his steroid use on the Pumping Iron DVD...

  23. I would take an educated guess that his continuance low HDL may have played a role in his condition. I would also be willing to say that his drug usage may have helped in that fact, dunno for sure, but aswhat iv'e read and from what i've dealt with in 7 years, i would say it's possible.

    I look at it like this, honestly, how well was PCT done 20+ years ago? I would say that if, now adays, PCT is better,(??) Then back then PCT was somewhat a bit worse, so would this not cause AAS to be more of an ill-effect during the off period, as compared to the 90s? Correct me on this if so, but i believe as calcium rises, theres more of a chance for platletes to collect, which heightens the chances for blockage...not pointing to arnold's condition directly but just in general...however a high dairy diet over a life time can mimic the same ill effects....dunno, but that's something i would like to investigate further.

    But, on the other comment...Flex's problems were probably directly related to heavy abuse and a total lack of precautions, but that's for every drug known, so AAS cant just be blaimed for his misfortunes. Tho it could have easily been a major player in the condition
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  24. bro why is your post all in italics?

    I think Arnold's heart condition may have been aggrevated by his steroid use - but usually what he needed (an Aortic valve replacement) is a genetic thing. There are thousands of heart-related surgeries every year in people of all ages, and I'd bet that only a small percentage of those people use or have used anabolic drugs.

    Flex's kidney condition was due to heavy abuse of NSAIDS, which aggrevated a genetic condition that he didnt know he had (according to what he said, anyway)

    That's why its really important to get your bloodwork done if you're going to use anabolic drugs. Hell, even if you're a natural bodybuilder and are on an extended high-calorie/high-protien diet. Who knows what little genetic ******* problems are lurking in your DNA, waiting to take you down.

  25. When Arnold was in town to promote his book An Education of a Body Builder way back when (79-80?), My brother I got to spend some time alone with him in the gym. We asked him about steroids and he admitted to us that he used and that everyone who competed was on juice. We asked him when we could start juicing and he told us to workout a few more years ( I was 19 and my brother was 17) at least. And if we decided to juice to never use for more than 3 months at a time. Also, he was very thin and ripped at the time. He said the producers wanted him to lose weight before filming the Running Man. He was very funning and direct. Very charismatic and confident. He even told us that he will become a super star.


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