Anybody Competing In York PA in November?

  1. Anybody Competing In York PA in November?

    A couple of months ago I talked about this in the General Chat forum but I am sure this is a better place to talk about it. In York, Pennsylvannia there will be the IPA National Powerlifting Championships. Wondering if anybody here was competing or thinking about going. I have two friends competing. One possibly might not because he got called by the national guard to go help with controlling the people but if he gets back early enough he will still compete. He has currently one WR as an amateur and planned on breaking his own record. The other guy is planning on squatting 900+ and he will be competing for sure. It will be interesting.

    I know theunlikelytoad is also goin to see the show as well since he isn't too far from it. Just wondering if anybody else will. Info is at

  2. I'll try, no promises there are a lot of shows in November. My life is extremely crazy right now. It's hard to make plans without permanent employment.

    You know, Mr. PA is coming up...

  3. No prob dude if you make it cool if not no worries bro. Its going to be cool. Even though I am not a powerlifter it is very cool to go to these shows especially when its your friends competing.
    Where is Mr.Pa going to be, if not too far maybe I'll go see that as well.

  4. Battle of the Swords, Oct. 1 in Pittsburg

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