Eccentric phase of deadlifts..what do you do?

  1. Eccentric phase of deadlifts..what do you do?

    I'm curious as to how you guys perform the eccentric phase of your deads when you are doing them for reps. I see some PLers that control the weight and lower it slowly, and others just slam the **** to the floor. Obviously the more weight, the harder it is to control and vice versa and you want to use the majority of your energy for the lift..

    Maybe I just answered my own question..


  2. I control the weight.

    I reset after each rep. Don't want momentum giving me artificial strength.

  3. If you are training for powerlifting, the eccentric isn't going to be that helpful. Additionally, deadlifts for powerlifting should be done as singles. The dynamics of the first rep of a set of deadlifts is FAR different than the proceeding reps.

    If you are trying to build you back however, partial deads are actually better (they take a lot of the hamstrings out of the equations since hams are primarily involved in the liftoff). Additionally, the eccentric on a deadlift is also very important for building a thick back.

  4. I don't believe the dynamics change as long as you actually do a deadlift. That means the weight is 100% dead on the floor. For warmups you can touch and go, but other than that, do it properly.

  5. The ecc part of the lift is where you use more of your targeted muscles. So yes, if wanting to actually build back, hammies, traps, etc. then control the weight...if training for PL meet then just drop it and use independant reps. I've always controlled the weight throughout the whole motion and used very slow ecc control...this has IMO been the biggest contributer to my trap development, since I've never even worked my traps independantly, yet my traps are my best and thickest BP aside from my delts.

  6. I touch and go for warmups, and usually control the weight during most of the eccentric. If Im going heavy I might drop it when its an inch or two off the floor.


  7. Powerlifters don't just slam the weight or drop it like a ****. You have to set it down under control in contest, though you don't have to do a slow eccentric or any bull**** like that. Just a controlled eccentric...

  8. A slow eccentric is not going to get me 3 white lights so it don't matter to me. Though dropping
    the bar will probable not make the refs too happy. Best thing is too set the bar down as fast as
    possible under control to save energy for your next attempt.

    As far as a slow eccentric during training I think it is more likely to cause you to overtrain because
    already tax your body as it is.


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