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  1. I hated using my shirt/suit when I lifted, but when i was lifting i am glad for the support i had, yes it was a bitch to get into, did it help me throw up more weight....I dont think so.....But i felt secure....hard not to when I had those things on LOL

  2. My first shirt was a standard blast shirt from Inzer. Damn thing was like a condom too small. Went back to raw for about a year before meeting the Nazbar and Metal Militia crew. Have been through a Karin's DD, Inzer Blue DD radical, Inzer Black DD w/scooped neck, and Rage X. I now use an Inzer double Phenom and love it. My raw max is 225 (I'm sure higher than that as I have not gone max raw in over a year due to a torn rotator cuff) and I get 365 so far in the Phenom with more to boot as I work on handling the heavier weight progressively. I've got a Titan F6 on the way and anxious to try it. Been training with Lattimer and his guy Barbaccio on occasion and I am amazed at what Barbaccio can get out of his F6 (250lbs carryover). I'll admit, I'm a gear whore...this stuff is like new toys at Xmas when they come in and I am all excited to suit up and bench on Saturdays with the crew.

    Comparing raw to shirted benching for competition is like apples to oranges. So I have no particular opinion when making a comparison. There are federations out there to satisfy all the flavors of competition (raw, single ply, double ply, etc) and even oddball meets with no affiliations that have benching comps that allow touch-n-go with elbow wraps. I choose APF because I enjoy the friendships I have with the athletes in it, as well as the competition. I compete shirted single/double, whatever shirt works for me because it would be pointless for me to do raw competition with a torn rotator cuff. My shirts protect my shoulders and allow me to still bench heavy and enjoy the sport. Choose your flavor and have fun.

    BTW, good luck at the BB4$ NickW...we'll be there too, my fiance is competing in the HWT's.

  3. good luck with it bro. i think i'll be trying out a single ply in the near future. starting to like this PL'ing thing.



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