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  1. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00

    Better keep me informed beelzeboob!
    i keep my ho's....i mean bros up to speed.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    good luck bro! is it a push/pull or big 3?
    All three and thank you.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    what's that???

    i heard this funny story one time about a little short guy that pulled his hamstring after swinging a softball bat. i believe he came on here and started a thread about his poor unfortunate incident........sound familiar? if i could only remember his name....doucheglenbag or something.

    maybe next time, the lil' fella should use a tee-ball bat and avoid injury.
    well i got my proper bitch slapping


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