Sandbag Farmer Walks

  1. Sandbag Farmer Walks

    Hello guys, recently i started training with sandbags, now i have a question about farmer walks. I have few sandbags but i got no handles for doing walks, so i basically just squeeze them as tight as i can and walk, so i dont know is it healthy for wrists because they are in weird position. Heres the pic. Name:  Screenshot_20170404-223028.png
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Size:  1.76 MB. I think is even harder to walk this way, without handles, sorry for my bad eng. Any help would be nice!

  2. You can make some do it yourself handles from PVC pipe and some chains... I'm sure you could find a way to attach the sandbags to those.

    I don't see anything wrong with lifting them like that but your grip is going to give out alot sooner than with handles

  3. We do them every weekend uphill for 100yards and back downhill.

    As in your pic except two or three bags together in each hand.(increase bag weight or bag count as you build up strength) Just twirl the bag long ends together and grip it. I agree a DB or similar horizontal grip is better in terms of holding more weight. Having to hold the ends of the bags is improving grip strength. I wear a wrist guard to protect the wrist area because the bags do rotate a bit when walking an angled pathway.

  4. Here is a video on my facebook of today's carry

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